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When I left my role leading schools in 2017, I wanted to start a business that supported all sectors, including education, charity and business, to acheive their aims, goals and potential through high quality consultancy, coaching and mentoring.

It is important to me that our approach is ethical and non-judgmental and focused on your needs. That we put you and your work place ‘centre stage!’. And that we empower you and your organisation) to continue to move forward when our part in the work is over. Why was this important? Because I had experienced the exact opposite so many times in my work in education that I felt things have to change.

So, that’s what I did. I created a team of coaches, mentors and education consultants who put you ‘centre stage.’ Who help you to deliver your professional/personal aims or goals and to achieve your potential. In doing so, supporting an organisation on its journey.

What I am most proud of, however, is that we maintain our humanity and give our advice as if we had to do the work, applying our understanding of the pressures of life and leadership in the work we do.

We’d love to discuss your needs; so that we can be one step closer to helping you to discover the solutions to your challenges.

We just want to help you to achieve your potential.

Jon Gibson, Director, Executive Coach and Consultant

Executive Coaching & Mentoring Services
We provide coaching, mentoring and training that will enable you to build solutions and grow your business, school or charity.
Leadership Coaching
Education Consultancy
Our education consultancy team offer services that have impact and longevity. We work with all sectors of education and have experience working with state level projects, national education focused charities, many MATs and hundreds of schools.
Education Consultancy
Health & Wellbeing Coaching
Alongside our work with institutions, we also offer a broad programme of wellbeing and coaching support for individuals within a business or educational setting.
Wellbeing and Personal Coaching
Meet the Team
Take a moment to meet our highly qualified and experienced team of consultants, coaches and mentors. Everyone within our team displays empathy with drive and understanding with humour when working with you – basically, they’re human, just like you.
Backdrop’s team

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We have an excellent team of highly skilled and experienced consultants who are here to help. Call us on 0333 344 1976 or for a ‘no strings’ chat.
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I am looking for a coach or mentor.
Congratulations on considering joining millions of people who are being supported by a coach or mentor. Call us on 0333 344 1976 or for a ‘no strings’ chat.

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Almost everyone can benefit from coaching or mentoring.

If you are ready to set yourself professional or personal goals, want to make a positive difference in your life (at work or at home) then the coaching and mentoring team can help you.

The short answer is yes.

The Backdrop team have a wide range of experience in mainstream, independent and special schools and have supported hundreds of settings.

Whatever your issue, we will introduce you to the right person for your needs. Contact us for an initial chat

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As you’d expect, the exact cost depends upon the service you need, but we will endeavour to work to your budget.

Please contact us and we will discuss your needs and give you a great cost effective quote.


'The sessions have been brilliant in helping me approach the day-to-day and more strategic challenges I face as a leader. I'm grateful to Jon - his experience, humour, and ability to challenge me to think through my options resulted in a series of really valuable sessions and I'm already feeling the difference in my working life'
- Coachee - Marketing Manager
'Excellent analytical support from an engaging and incisive consultant. We have already improved the accountability of HR in the workplace as a result, so that we can be sure targeted funding is used to raise student outcomes.'
- Secondary SENCO
'[Backdrop] has provided me with valuable guidance in how to raise attainment of PP children in our school. [Their] advice has been incredibly important in shaping our PP policies and plans, giving us a solid base on which to build on.' (Pupil Premium Review)
- Primary Assistant Headteacher and PP lead
'... a huge thank you for your brilliance in coaching Leaders in the's truly transformational and making a huge difference.'
- Coachee - Deputy CEO
'Very thorough, but realistic. I feel that some of the additional resources will be used routinely from now on...'
- Secondary SENCO