Executive and Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Consultancy, Coaching & Mentoring – ‘Putting your aims centre stage’

Executive and Leadership Coaching that Helps You to achieve your goals!

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What is coaching and mentoring?
  • Coaching is working with a coach to set goals and aims and then unlocking your skills to achieve them.
  • Mentoring is the above but with expert advice and guidance throughout the process of achieving them.

Who Do We Work with?

Every kind of business
It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are or the setting you work in, we can help:
  • Leaders from every sector
  • Organsiations of every size
  • You!
All levels of leadership
It doesn’t matter what level of leadership you are at, we can help:
  • Sole traders to multi-national corporate leaders
  • Trustees, CEOs, Headteachers & Principals
  • Senior leaders & middle leaders
  • You!

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‘The entire process was incredibly positive and challenged me on many levels and has led to fundamental change in how I look at my role.’
- Coachee -Senior Leader
'An excellent process. Challenging but very supportive. Lots of new ideas, even when we are doing very well, we could do better. Areas to improve made clear. Professional dialogue and deep questioning. Thorough understanding of my two tiny schools and our unique processes gained over the day. A good experience.'
- Executive Headteacher, First School
'Very thorough, but realistic. I feel that some of the additional resources will be used routinely from now on...'
- Secondary SENCO
'The sessions have been brilliant in helping me approach the day-to-day and more strategic challenges I face as a leader. I'm grateful to Jon - his experience, humour, and ability to challenge me to think through my options resulted in a series of really valuable sessions and I'm already feeling the difference in my working life'
- Coachee - Marketing Manager
Jon was an excellent coach, he encouraged me to think about problems from a different perspective and, through coaching models, was able to provide me with a valuable framework for communication.'
- Coachee - School Leader